Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Last Filling - EVER!

I went to the dentist yesterday. I know you love to hear about my dental visits, so I won't disappoint. Of course, you should have read the post yesterday - the one I created with my imaginary keyboard while sitting in the chair. I can't re-create it because I don't remember anything. Well, just bits and pieces.

My dentist starts off by leaning in to give me a shot to numb me, when I stopped him to ask for my nitrous. "Oh, did you want that?" "Why yes, I do, thankyouverymuch." I breathed that stuff for a while and I could have sworn that it wasn't even turned on. But even if it wasn't, I'll take the placebo effect any day over no effect at all. It was probably on, though, because after a while, felt less and less. Then again, on or off, not feeling is my goal, so it worked.

I won't bother you with details of how he thought I was numb and when the drill hit my tooth, I wasn't quite numb. That stuff gets boring to write and must be boring to read since it happens over and over again. I will say, though, that I was stinkin' numb when all was said and done. I was so numb that I still couldn't eat by the time I picked up my youngest from school.

I will bother to tell you that I don't intend to ever have another cavity again for the rest of my life. Since my last visit and admonition that the cavities I have been dealing with are in-between teeth and I need to floss, I've been the Flossing Queen! Every day. Every. Day.

There were a couple of funny things that happened, but I just don't remember what they were. We talked about Mitt Romney and hunting. That's funny if you know me. Actually, I didn't do too much talking since my mouth was full of hardware, but there is always the illusion that there is a conversation going on at the time, isn't there?

All in all, the only reason I'm writing this post about my dental visit at all is because here it is, 24-hours later and my jaw still hurts. It's a good thing I'll never need another filling again!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Mud, Grass, Poop

I took my dog for a walk on the Fox Loop today. That's what I call a side loop off the Fawn Loop, that I don't do since the Bullying Incident. I like it. I never see anyone else and I can let my dog off leash pretty confidently.

As were were coming back down the hill, amongst the dry yellow grasses that dominate our landscape right now, he managed to find a mud puddle. I assure you that it's the only mud puddle within a hundred miles. He's good like that.

After muddying up his paws, he started to eat the green grass. It's the only green grass on the entire walk - or so I thought, but more on that in a bit. He was minding his own business mowing down his morning salad when a barking dog appeared at the fence across the street. I don't know if the dog saw my dog, but I was standing looking at this dog then at mine, then back at this dog. My dog did not care that there was another dog to pay attention to. He wanted to eat grass and was not to be distracted from this task.

The barking dog attracted the attention of its owner, who whistled for him. You know the whistle, the one that sounds like you're tying a knot. Coincidentally, that is the same whistle that I use for Mooch. He heard it and perked up his ears and ran to the fence to tease the dog about being locked up. I called my dog off and he gave up his antagonism almost too easily, probably because he was happy about the mud and grass. I just thought it was funny that the other owner basically called my dog's attention to her own barking dog. He otherwise wouldn't have cared.

Further down the hill, Mooch found some more grass in front of someone else's house. It's also known as a lawn. I don't let my dog walk in other people's yards because I don't feel it's polite. My dog, though, loves grass and my usual command, "Get out of the yard" wasn't working like it always does. As he wandered around the yard, taunting me to come in and get him, we both spotted the fountain bubbling water at the same time. I got to him just as he got to the fountain and started drinking. I got him back on his leash but not before imagining what we must have looked like had the owner arrived just then to see a woman with a dog on a leash while the dog was drinking out of the fountain.

While talking about dogs and yards and being polite, I feel badly for people who have their yards pooped in so much they feel compelled to put up a sign to deter this behavior. You know the ones:

I'll have to come back with a picture. 

What bothers me most about the signs, besides the fact that they're as unattractive as the poop is, is that the dog's tail is pointing up in the picture. When dogs poop, the tail curves down. Clearly these are not dog people!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was my anniversary. My husband and I have been married for 13-years now. I spent a lot of time yesterday strolling down memory lane and viewing all the landmarks on the side of the road.

We met at work. I had a part-time job while going to college and threw myself into it, as I always do. He worked full-time, like people do when they're finished with school. I call him my college sweetheart, though, since we met while I was still attending.

We started out as friends. He made me laugh and was so easy to talk to. I spent entirely too much time at his desk discussing one thing or other that may or may not have been related to work. And if he left early, my heart sank. It wasn't the same without him there. We used to take long lunches and he introduced me to interesting parts of San Francisco that I wasn't familiar with. I still think he's one of the smartest people that I've ever met.

Did I mention that he has the most amazing blue eyes? I call them Holder Blues. I used to get lost in them and forget what I was saying all the time.

What a cutie-pie!

And then we were a couple. And then we used to sail his Etchells together. He taught me everything I know and I felt so completely safe on the boat with him, even when it was blowing like stink. We got engaged on the Etchells in gale force winds, or at least they felt like it. He asked if I would like to spend the rest of my life doing this. I said yes.

We got married on the 86' schooner Kaiulani. We sailed around the Bay with friends and family and said our vows in Raccoon Straights between Tiburon and Angel Island. It was a beautiful and fun three hour tour.

Ceremony performed by Capt'n Rob

After that, I graduated from college and started working, just to stop within a short time to have our babies. Two beautiful little girls, who aren't so little anymore. I raced the Etchells in San Diego while pregnant with each of them. Sailing until I couldn't move around as easily or travel.

Now our girls sail and our family has come back to this thing that I love so much. It's like we've made some kind of circumnavigation of life. My husband and I are racing the Etchells again this year in San Francisco Bay, but conflicts keep me out of the water more than I like. I live vicariously through my daughters' sailing programs and I am so very proud of them. I'd also like to mention that one of them inherited the Holder Blues.

So, 13-years later, through smooth sailing and stormy weather, my husband and I can really celebrate a wonderful adventure and I look forward to whatever lies ahead. Happy anniversary, indeed.

Sailor Girl ready for adventure!