Sunday, August 01, 2010

More Than Eight Eyes On You

I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday on how when you visit websites they put little bits of code onto your computer and they track your viewing habits in an effort to see which ads to target you with. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, I would rather see ads that are relevant than just random ads that fill up space with another form of noise. On the other hand, it's creepy. I have a hard time with people making money on me or from me, without my having any say in the matter or benefiting from it in any way.

In response, I thought it might be fun to visit a whole bunch of random sites just to change my own profile and have those sneaks target me with ads - that someone is paying for - that I have absolutely no interest in. Carburetors anyone? Nascar? Arm Wrestling?

Because you see, my posts are generating ads too. I suppose I could take the ads off, I mean, who is actually clicking on them anyway? They are kind of fun, though just for the colors and pictures. And then there is the giant Terminix ad that I've seen on my blog. I'm sure it has to do with all of my posting on spiders, ants and rats.

And when I walked into my kitchen and discovered that I had nearly walked into a spider who had built a web across my doorway, I thought that Big Brother would have (another) field day. The reality is that I don't even use poison. That would clearly explain why I can't get rid of the ants - the bait stations are as far as I'll go. I would never use Terminix myself for the purpose of ridding myself of pests.

So what is Big Brother and his prying-eyed friends learning from me? I hope that they're learning I have a sense of humor. And a phone book with the following words: Antiques, Hearing Aids, Locks, Instant Printing, Sawmill Equipment, Self Storage, Tree Shaping and Welding.

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i love lamp said...

unfortunately nascar has a genuine target on this computer. fortunately tim is cute enough to get away with it.