Friday, September 17, 2010

Bummed and Blurred

I'm kind of rough on my glasses. I put them down where I need to and that includes on the seat of my car, on my night table and thrown into my purse if need be. It eventually takes its toll on my glasses - as can be expected. I've owned this pair for about three years now, and if you wear glasses, you know that its one year past replacement time. These glasses are so scratched up that it's a distraction.

I love my frames so I called to see if my place had the same ones. They had one pair left and they were discontinued, but bonus! 50% off. My prescription was overdue (by a year) and I had to get it renewed. This time, instead of correcting to 20/40 as I normally do, I corrected to 20/20 as every else does. (That's a long story that I won't tell right now.) When ordering lenses, they always try to up-sell you on those coatings. I don't normally get them, but given the state of the previous pair, I went ahead and splurged.

It took seven business days to get my new glasses in and when I put them on, I was immediately enamored! They were clean, shiny and everything was CLEAR! I was in bliss for the entire rest of the day. My car windows were super clean, too, so it was like seeing through magic. 

The lady who gave them to me taught me how to care for them and gave me the special wipes and I have been super-duper careful. I haven't been just throwing them down on any old thing to put my sunglasses on or to take them off at night. I've gently placed them on soft things and minded what I'm doing.

Then yesterday, I ran some errands, which included a stop at the grocery store. It was extremely sunny so I did the sunglasses/glasses switch on the way in and on the way out again. I put the glasses on my purse when I got in my car and drove to pick up my kids from school. Only when I got there, I couldn't find my glasses. 

I looked high and low. I cleaned my car twice. Once a half-assed job and once a thorough, no mistake about it cleaning. The glasses were not in there. I put on the old, scratched up, blurry things and cleaned my purse out for the third time. Thinking I didn't put them on my purse from the grocery store as I thought, I finally called the grocery store at 8:00pm. I knew they wouldn't have them, but I had to try. 

They had them. 

I drove down to the store and picked up something I forgot. I ran into my daughter's teacher and met his wife and these young guys were looking at me. They weren't looking at me in a checking-me-out kind of way, but definitely interested in me. I got to the register and realized that I had clipped a giant flower to my hair when I cleaned out my car. I must have looked a bit odd - thus the staring. It made me laugh with embarrassment, which in turn made the cashier think I was flirting with him, which made him misunderstand me that I needed him to page someone to Customer Service, because he didn't. 

I waited and waited and another woman showed up and waited with me. She went to ask - again - for a little help but then she left. Finally, I called the store from my cell phone and the guy walked out from behind the door not five-feet from me to FINALLY help me. And I was reunited with my glasses. 

They have a MASSIVE scratch on them. My lovely new glasses are wrecked. I think that it's just that damn coating mostly, so I'll try to get them fixed. I'm sure it will turn into needing to replace the lenses. And you can bet that I'm never getting that damn coating ever again. The sad part is that I haven't had them a week yet and I have to wear my back up, scratched up, blurry things until I get them fixed. I'm so sad. Even the memory of the flower in my hair isn't cheering me up. 


hokgardner said...

I pretty much never take my glasses off, because I can't see without them.

But once I was at the pool with a friend and her tiny daughter. I took off my brand new glasses and tucked them in my shoe and hopped in the pool. I looked up just in time to see the tiny girl pick up my glasses and snap them in half.


I went back to see about replacement frames, and they had just discontinued the style. So I had to start the whole process from scratch.

Double sigh.

Anonymous said...

I gave a class one time in a parking lot to my trainees on how to give a proper hand salute. Saluting with a hat on with a visor, hat w/o visor, and saluting with and without wearing glasses. While I gave the word for word instructions, I had a female trainee demonstrate all the various ways to do a hand salute. After she demonstrated how to give a hand salute while wearing glasses (her BCGs by the way) she placed them on the bumper of a car and then demonstrated the next hand salute. After the class, everyone was broken into groups to practice this critical military custom. When the class broke up the female demonstator remembered she'd placed her glasses on the rear bumper of the car but when she went to get them the car and her glasses were nowhere to be found. She explained to me what happened and I had to stifle a good guffaw. I never forgot that not because it was funny in a Benny Hill sort of way, but because I kind of felt guilty that if I hadn't of chosen her to demonstrate my class she'd still have her glasses. But then again considering they were BCGs maybe she should have thanked me.

Joe W.