Sunday, September 05, 2010


It's 5am and the only thing sleeping on me is my foot. When I first woke up there was a "2" at the beginning of the time and when it got into the "4's" I decided to just get up. My lymph node incision is hurting a lot tonight and I wonder if I wrecked something in there by lifting a little too much. And the tape that is acting like a set of stitches is starting to come off. (What's the word I can't spell? Sutcher? Soocher? Ahhh! It's Suture!)  Except that I don't know if it's supposed to and where it lifts, it is incredibly sticky. I just tapped it back down so I don't have to deal with that quite yet.

So you get the ramblings of a bleary-eyed woman at this time of - there is no denying it - morning. My dog is confused and starting to make noises at me. However, I got out of bed to download my photos - or should I say liberate the photos in my camera. I will now illustrate the ideas that I have expounded upon on previous occasions.

It brings to mind a quote from a favorite movie, Beautiful Girls. In it, our hero returns home for a high school reunion and reconnects with old friends. One of them, Stinky, if I recall correctly, is now the proprietor of a bar and he gives his friends free appetizers with the phrase, "I've got apps!" So, old friends, I say to you, "I've got pics!"

First, I would like to share my new scar. Not for the faint of heart. Or is that just me?

And, yes, it really is that big.

And I mentioned creating new space for sewing in my office. I've put some before and after pictures in for you. Mind you, these are in our little crawl space and yes, I'm now aware that I really do need to cover that chair.

The pictures don't really show the space well. It's tight in there, but not really. There is no where to stand to take a shot that represents it all at the same time. But's it's my space. Mine all mine.

That's it for now. I didn't get any shots of that skirt I made, so I'll try to get those up too - eventually.


i love lamp said...

Yay pictures! Boo stitches... "where are the bolts?" asks Tim. I'm sorry it's been hurting you, but think it will be pretty sweet when it's healed, roller derby fight maybe?

Love your office too, little space=big ideas.

Thanks for the call, so happy that everythings back to normal.

Skydiving acrobatics mishap?

ckh said...

I think a different story every time I tell it. All of those are good ideas. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you got a fasciotomy. Once the stitches are out use lotion (it puts the lotion in the basket) with vitamin E in it to prevent/minimize any scarring. You probably won't even notice it within 2-3 years.

ckh said...

I don't recommend the Wikipedia explanation of what the heck a fasciotomy is. There are pictures. Yikes!