Thursday, September 23, 2010

Reading, Writing and a Rat

I've been reading more than I've been writing lately. Mostly I'm reading blogs - crafty sewing blogs - but a little bit of this and that, too. I read about Eating and Praying, but I've been distracted from the Loving, so I've got to go back to that.

What I realize is that I love reading the craft blogs, but I don't think this will ever really be one. My craftiness drags out eons before I finish anything and I don't know about you, but my attention span wouldn't last for me so I don't know how yours would.

No, instead, I'm just floundering trying to find a topic. Or a theme. Or a thread of something to write about. I had a big audience when I wrote about feminist topics, but I don't feel like being controversial these days. And it's either confrontational or preaching to the choir anyway. Too much energy. (Though, I have something to say about Katy Perry and Sesame Street.)

The posts that I enjoy writing the most are about my misadventures with critters. Spiders, mostly. I feel like the dad in A Christmas Story who is continually confounded by the neighbor's dogs. Everywhere I turn there is a doggone spider! Like yesterday when I went to walk out my front door and there was one dangling right at eye-level. I didn't have anything to knock it down with so I threw handfuls of pine needles at it until the web came down. Yes, that does mean that I need to sweep.

Is that all? Spiders? And what about the title here? Can't Holder Tongue is like I have something sharp to say that anyone with manners would keep to themselves. I don't say all the catty little things about the goings on in my 'hood because that would be downright rude, wouldn't it. And you never know who's reading, after all.

Well, the identity crisis will have to linger for now. Just like that itty-bitty spider the size of a pin-head that has taken up residence behind my kitchen faucet. I can't bring myself to kill the little guy. (But I did buy glue traps to catch a rat - if its still around.)


Anonymous said...

Hey, since when did June Cleaver commandeer this blog. Homey don't like it. Let Can't Holder Tongue be Can't Holder Tongue (with apologies to "Let Reagan be Reagan.").

ckh said...

I know, right?!

Anonymous said...

I'd have to agree....this blog has definitely jumped the shark. Did I miss cousin Oliver's guest entry?

Anonymous said...

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