Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feng Shworry Schwart

I Love Lamp spoke in a comment about rearranging her house. What a funny coincidence. I was up - not sleeping - in the wee hours of the morning thinking about rearranging my bedroom. It's actually an our bedroom. Shared as if the other people and animals had no where to go, but we call it the master bedroom as if it's only for the masters.

I'm going to have another biopsy done at 10:30 this morning. Did the melanoma spread? Did they just not get it all? Is it some strange coincidental random freckle that isn't melanoma at all? I don't know. I imagine the worse, which makes me think of purely morbid and depressing things about mortality being NOT immortality. But the other thing that comes to mind is Feng Shui.

I'm almost more embarrassed to admit that I give some credence to Feng Shui than I am that I believe in ghosts. And horror-scopes.

But regardless, my secret is out. Our bedroom is set up with bad Feng Shui. The door forms an arrow that points right at me. Is it any coincidence that I've been having health issues since we moved in here? First the vertigo now this.

Later that day...

The doctor didn't think my new spot was anything but took a biopsy so that I can sleep at night. Of course, we talked about how the last one didn't look like anything either. We'll see in a week. And maybe my husband will humor me by letting me rearrange the room. Whatever helps this worry wart sleep, eh?

The question now would be how. There isn't any other logical way for it to be arranged, so that ought to be interesting!

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