Saturday, January 08, 2011


I'm in pain. Out of the blue, my back under my right shoulder blade started hurting. It came on slowly and not as though from an injury. All of my experience as a Hypochondriac Doctor (i.e. diagnosing all of my injuries both real and imagined) could not logically come to terms with this. The only injury that I could dial back to was the incident In Which I Was Dragged By The Dog. Could I actually have an injury start to hurt several days after it occurred?

This was yesterday. Last night I slept sandwiched between my two daughters. Only not a comfortable sandwich with fancy bread served on a fine china plate with pickle garnish and linen napkin, no I was that grilled-cheese with Wonder Bread made with the iron. In the midst of my smash-a-thon, rolling over was a painful challenge. I was wincing and groaning with every move and believing that getting old sucks.

When I showered this morning, I noticed that I had a bruise on my boob. My boob! When I pushed on my chest, I found that the pain traveled from the front of me through to where the back pain was. I was able to finally duplicate and isolate the pain. That links the injury to the incident. I did not withhold the pain medication and met my friend Tylenol for a trot to work.

(Should I be worried that while I'm typing this my cat is hunched down next to my dishwasher like she's about to catch a critter of some sort? Picture Tom staking out Jerry's hole.)

Now I'm wondering if I should see a doctor. It doesn't seem as bad as that, but those ribs and sternum are protecting some things that I need. My heart is in there! I'll decide tomorrow. It's time for bed. The cat and I are going downstairs now.


hokgardner said...

Every time I fall down running, I hurt worse two days afterwards. Sometimes it takes a while for the injuries to really show up. Hope you recover soon.

hokgardner said...

And hey! Donettes!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a sore rib and possibly a stetched ligament - both will heal on their own. If you have symptoms where it is painful to do deep breathing (take a deep breath) - good news on that front - it's nothing serious and usually goes away within 10 days or so. I had this happen to me last year.

For what it's worth: I'm more of a ring ding fan.

ckh said...

Are ring dings like ho ho's?