Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jumping Into Spring/Into My Sink

I finally set about to do our taxes for this year. I dread doing it. It's just so complicated. It seems wrong to me that doing taxes should be so complicated. I know we have lawmakers to make laws, but maybe they shouldn't be making so many of them. And we get a refund - I can only imagine how I would dread it if we had to pay.

So I usually do the taxes on the PC in my office - that I've mentioned before is actually crawl space. Since getting this laptop, I spend MUCH less time in there, which is nice. Though, it used to be my sort of "woman cave." I should just give it up and convert it back to storage. My sewing machine is beginning to live on the kitchen table anyway.

To make a short story long, my whole point was to say that when I was getting my taxes going, my cat was snuggled up on my lap. When I shut it all down, I went into my room and then in to my bathroom for some water. My cat followed me in and jumped onto the counter where I keep her water bowl. (It gives me shivers just typing this next part.)

There was a spider ON HER BACK. It was a medium-sized, light brown bugger and I think they're pretty harmless (in other words, the scary factor is low.) But ON HER BACK? Yikes! Before I could really do anything, it JUMPED into the sink and I turned on the tap. Down it went into the drain.

I think that the jumping part is one of the scariest parts of spiders. It freaks me out that they're so mobile. And active. And unpredictable. (More shivers!) If I could jump as far as they do in relation to my size, I'd be able to jump the kids to school without having to get into my car.

When I said that spring had sprung the spiders, well, let's just say the amount I've vacuumed up/exterminated in the last two-days makes that statement wrong. NOW spring has sprung.

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