Monday, March 28, 2011

Step Right Up! Welcome to the Carnival!

Another carnival! We have rides that don't appear safe to the ordinary mom, pickpockets lurking in the crowd and carnies with more tattoos than LA Ink. Watch your wallet and meet me at the food tents later.

Step right up and I will try to guess your weight before you eat. And if you're eating a hamburger, well, let me know when you're, um... done. PB Lecron has The Last Bite at A French Education. 

At My Marriage To God, we get the highlights and lowlights of a day in the life of...a dedicated runner! After watching Run Fatboy Run last night, I can really appreciate that sort of dedication. It's not like I'm going to run a marathon or anything, but still - you can really admire people who run before 6:30 in the morning, let alone just get up that early.

I wonder if Randy Howard at ChinMusik likes Billy Joel as much as I do. I was just thinking that The Stranger is Desert Island album* and I should probably get a copy. And I can't believe I don't already have it. In Not Cool: Chuck Klosterman, he calls out a critic who can't appreciate The Piano Man.

MadKane is back with the trials of owning a motorboat. Her husband really shows his pluck and stick-to-it-ness. And good luck with the sailboat! Perhaps y'all can man the Tunnel of Love cruise for me.

I had a few different entries from ChinMusik and MadKane. I was originally going to plug them all, but I got my foot caught in the cotton candy machine and I had fuzzy sugar all over my leg. I just had to eat it off and the by the time I was done, it was my shift at the hot dog cart. I just got finished with that one and I couldn't pass up a couple of funnel cakes. You understand if my laziness busy-ness kept me from doing more - right?

Thanks for joining me. A carnival just wouldn't be the same if y'all weren't here. And don't forget to stop off at the dime toss before heading home. It's a real money maker for me. ;)

* Do I really have to tell you that it's an album you'd like to have on a desert island because you'll never grow tired of it?


Anonymous said...

*Mine would be: Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good.

The title song off the 1978 album of the same name, hit #4 in June 1978. The song was nominated for Song of the Year, but ironic enough lost out to Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are". (They've got a video of it on Youtube.)

Just in case the grammar police are out in force --

*desert island - A deserted island or uninhabited island is an island that has yet to be (or is not currently) populated by humans.

- Typically, a desert island is denoted as such because it exists in a state of being deserted, or abandoned. Note that an arid, desert climate is not typically implied - the use of 'desert' as an adjective meaning "desolate and sparsely occupied or unoccupied".

According to the Collins Cobuild Dictionary - "A desert island is a small tropical island, where nobody lives or an undiscovered island.

On the same subject - remember everyone it's CANCELED not canceLLed. And by everyone I mean every airport in the U.S.

Mr. Anonymous

Anonymous said...

And for you Chuck Mangione-haters out there - when 30 year-old Luke raped 15 year-old Laura back in the day Herb Albert was playing in the background but I digress....

Mr. Anonymous (Keeping it real)

ckh said...

What was canceled?

What I would really like is a dessert island. I can imagine tables full of pies and serve yourself ice cream with any topping you choose. Don't forget the cakes.

Anonymous said...

It just irritates me that the nightly newscasts who think they are holier than thou can't spell canceled properly even though they have access to a dictionary and spell checker. (I've given up on airport monitors.)

And speaking of irritating - Am I the only one who thinks it is inappropriate for the pirate in "The Goonies" to be called One-Eyed Willie?

Mr. Anonymous