Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama is Dead, Long Live Obama

I haven't been writing. I know. I haven't been sleeping, either. I'm very tired. And quite over-caffeinated most of the time to make up for it. Hurray for coffee!

Since I last wrote, my ant problem has not gotten any better. I bought some borax today to try another ant control idea. Let's see if this works.

My family saw the cat catch - and then lose - a mouse in my kitchen. (To her credit, they distracted her and it got away. She's usually quite a killer.)  I caught it with a trap that night. Proving that mice are so much easier to manage than rats. I took photos and went on the Internet so that I could figure out it it was a mouse or a baby rat.

Based on the size of the ears and the fact that the tail was more on the long than thick side I'm inclined to believe it was a mouse. I mentioned that I caught it, too, which would imply they're dumber than rats. The puzzling part, however, is that supposedly mice are afraid of rats and will not go near them. The smell of them causes high anxiety in lab tests, too. Does that mean that the rats aren't there anymore? I can't really tell what's going on with them.

And then I found an avocado with a hole eaten out of it.


What do you think? Mice or rats?

I have called another pest control company and the guy is coming out on Thursday. I'm ready to set my house on fire. I won't, but I'm at wit's end, let me tell you. And as if that is not enough, my dog has eaten the avocado evidence. Is there nothing he won't eat?


hokgardner said...

Is it wrong that I think the mouse is so cute?

Anonymous said...


Borax - at least they'll be lemon-fresh...

Speaking of Usama (you can't spell Usama without U-S-A)...according to the NY Times three weeks ago theologian scholars determined there was a fundamental misinterpretation in the Koran - It's not 72 Virgins but actually 72 VIRGINIANS - have fun Usama...DOHH!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Al Quaeda doesn't install Susie from the new Verizon commercials as the new #1 because then we'd be in a heap of trouble.

Mr. Anonymous