Monday, January 09, 2012

Motivating the New Resolutions

I just read a book called Younger Next Year. My mom gave it to me recently. When I saw it, I thought it looked familiar, but I read it anyway. It really made an impact on my thinking. It was written for men, but it made a lot of sense about how our bodies decay and how to turn it around so they grow instead of decay. Decay being what we're used to thinking of as simply aging. 

After I finished it, I immediately set out to schedule into my life the principals of the book. The first and foremost was to exercise six-days a week. Having been absolutely frustrated by the weight I've gained in the last few months, I figured that it could only help. Another principal is to cut out eating crap. That one is a little harder, but baby-steps and all, right? 

This weekend, I was sitting on my couch and looked up at the half-full bookcase in my living room and noticed another book: Younger Next Year for Women. No wonder the first book looked familiar - I did already have it! So, I cracked that book so I can see how they addressed the differences in genders. 

I don't know if everything in the book is true. It's possible that the science will be debunked later as it always is over time. But regardless, it reinforces my current belief that exercise could be the cure-all for just about everything. I know what miracles it performs for my psyche and save any injuries from excess, I've seen nothing wrong with it. And if exercise can stop or slow the clock on aging, I'm all in. I highly recommend the books. They are great motivators for New Year's resolutions. 

I really meant to write about my new bike, too. Maybe next post...

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