Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Things My Dog Did Today

I could have a nice juicy post every day if this was my subject. This dog of mine is an endless source for fodder. The reason I wanted to write about him today was that he did two noteworthy things.

This morning when we went for our walk, we began at the school and started our climb up the hill. Mooch stopped a short ways up and did his business. As I bent down to pick up after him, I noticed that part of it went into a gopher hole. That gopher sure is in for a surprise when it decides to emerge from the ground!

The last time I went to Costco, I picked up some rawhide bones for my dog to chew. I've heard that I shouldn't give these to him, but with my dog's iron constitution, he can manage chewing on a lead pipe if he were so inclined. I call these bones Leave Me Alone Bones or Get Off My Back Bones. It's my way of sending him somewhere away from me so I can have some peace.

I gave my dog one of these bones today and for some reason, he didn't want to chew it. He left me alone, so I just assumed that he went off to reduce the rawhide to some gooey mess or other. Unfortunately, I found out what he did with it. A few minutes ago, he showed up at the back door barking with a bone in  front of him that was covered in dirt. My so-called backyard does not have its own dirt, it has planters full of dirt - but also flowers. I had to see which one of my plants did not survive the Leave Me Alone Bone. I made a round of all the possible places my dog had to dig up something and found that he dug up a plant that I wasn't sure was going to make it anyway. Now I know that plant won't make it, but it doesn't make it any easier for me.

I think the dog needs a pot he can call his own and bury to his heart's content. I just don't think if I gave him one that he would stick to just that one. Most of our plants have a wire fencing covering them so the cat doesn't do her own brand of digging, but this time my dog just moved the thing out of his way. He knows what he wants and does what he wants, that's for sure.


coffeeaddict said...

My cat is a devout destroyer of all plant life. He chews, claws, digs through the soil, uses the pots as his personal litter,...
About 3 years ago I decided it wasn't worth the time, effort and money to take care of potted plants he'd destroyed and just got rid of all the flowers.

ckh said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. I love having things grow!

Anonymous said...

Tim picked up a bag of Cosco rawhides too... archie barely nibbles before abandoning them somewhere you'll be sure to step in barefeet at 3am on the way to the bathroom. Wonder if they taste funny or something? Not enough to try one, but I wonder.