Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Bubble Bath

Is there such a thing as having too many lazy days? Wait. I don't want to know the answer unless it's no. In fact, I don't want any external sources to define what is right for me.

I'm sitting on my bed and surfing the Internet, one of my new favorite pass-times, and listening to my girls. They're in the tub, locked in their own bathroom and having the time of their lives. They must be total water-logged prunes by now (does that make them plums?) but they sound so happy.

We have switched, for the most part, to showers for actual bathing since it is a significant reduction in water use. And the girls almost never use their own bathroom for anything besides clandestine mess-making. For such an infrequently used room it sure gets messy. I don't like that they've locked the bathroom, nor do I understand why they would even need to, but I feel pretty confident that I could open it or bust the door down should I detect danger.

The water must be cold. I took a shower as they were filling the tub and I didn't get much warm water for myself, forget the fact that I like my showers hot. I lost track of when they went in, but it's been long enough for even the hottest water to cool.

I'm in the middle of several other tasks besides listening to joy. I'm partway through wrapping a couple watches to send to an Army buddy to repair. Sure he's in another state and we have watch repair services in my own town, but why not give my business to a friend I haven't seen in 20-years? It seems like a sentimental way of making functional the watches that I have only kept for sentimental reasons anyway. (One of the watches is my Cinderella watch that I got when I was in Kindergarten.)

I'm in the middle of sewing a few repairs, too. The first mending job that I picked up was a wool turtleneck. As it turns out, I already fixed it and forgot. Nothing to be done. The second one was fixing the adjustment strap on a sundress. There was a little plastic circle that connected the two parts to adjust the strap. I don't have a replacement little plastic circle so I might re-rig the thing. My next project was to replace some buttons on a sweater. I needed a seam-ripper to take the current buttons off and spent time looking for my seam-ripper, only to get distracted my Milano cookies.

So after deleting a section on my lunch that just seemed too prosaic to post, I picked the lock on the bathroom and stuck my hand in the bathwater. The girls are in a nicely warm bath with enough bubbles to make them look like arctic seals. They're fine. And enjoying the jets that almost never get used but make nice features to brag about. I can go back to being completely lazy and mending/surfing/letting myself get distracted. Again.


tjk said...

Mmmmmmm... Milano cookies!

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I know, right!

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