Monday, August 02, 2010

Clean Scene

As crazy as it may sound, I was very excited to clean today. I cleaned my office to make room for my sewing machine. I cleaned the whole thing except for a giant pile. But no mind, the other giant piles are gone. They wouldn't exist at all if I didn't clean the upstairs by bringing the piles to the place that no one sees. I may post photos of my space - that's how proud I am.

And no less than 20 spiders died in the process. I got to 10 in short order. Mostly babies. Don't feel badly for them, they grow fast and they're not nearly as cute then. I would take breaks to surf the Internet and read all my new favorite blogs. And I left the house today to deliver three bags of toys and four bags of clothes (and a lamp and two broken printers) to St. Vincent DePaul and Goodwill. And pick up my girls from camp after running up to Costco to pick up some cat food and honey. When I returned to my office, new spiders had set up shop in the vacancies left by the old ones. I'm quite certain this could go on and on.

So, besides the giant pile Yet To Be Cleaned, I had a nice space to set up. I got out my machine and plugged it in. I had forgotten about that sinking feeling I would, of course, get when I remembered that they didn't thread themselves and the bobbins come empty.

And the little cubby compartment that slides off is full of stuff that I don't even know what it does!

I don't know where my instruction manual is, but I have confidence that I can do anything I set my mind to and I can master this piece of machinery. And yet...sewing machines have always been my kryptonite. I should post a picture of a cute dress I sewed for my daughter by hand because I couldn't bring myself to use the machine for it. And my mom would tell you the story about how I sewed my own bathing suit by hand when I was in high school. We'll see.

We'll see...

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