Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today's To Do

I'm sitting in my own personal fog. I didn't get enough sleep last night and my coffee switch hasn't turned on yet. I have a teensy little headache and pain through my neck and shoulders. I think my pillow sucks.

What I do have, however, is the knowledge that my entire day spreads out before me like a blank page. With writing on it. With a To-Do list on it, because I'm going to clean today. Everything on the outside of my house, including my gutters and the two spider egg sacks that I can see outside my kitchen window.

And since I'm a Soccer Mom now, I'm going to take in a soccer game.

Then, like the dessert that you can't wait to finish dinner for, I'm going to sew a blouse. I have the material laundered and ironed and the pattern is waiting patiently for me to finish my chores. It's going to be a great day.

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