Thursday, November 04, 2010

Cartoon Lessons

My theory about why my glue traps are empty is wrong. It's not that the rat or rats are not coming to my house, it's that they're too smart for pedestrian traps. I must be the Wiley Coyote to their Roadrunners. I'm going to throw out my ACME catalogue and watch a few Bugs Bunny cartoons.

I will not let a rat get the best of me!

Last night I made a quesadilla for my kids - I haven't tried to get them to eat one in a while so wanted to try again. I threw the whole thing away so I wouldn't eat it myself and when I woke up this morning, the glue traps were empty but there was a hole chewed out of the middle of the thing.

Now they're pissing me off and I am probably not going to feel as badly killing a rodent who taunts me. Or will I feel badly for killing something that is obviously smart enough to out-smart my extermination efforts?


Anonymous said...

I found mouse droppings in my kitchen silverware drawer - not under the sink as you would expect to find them. These little buggers just like to crawl around in cramped, dark spaces - maybe they feel safer in a drawer? Or going through the drawer gets them closer to the counter where the crumbs are.

I put a small mouse trap (baited with peanut butter - their favorite) and within 20 minutes it went off and over the next 2 hours I caught 6 mice in that one drawer. I had no idea I was infested with the bastards.

The mice/rats don't come out until it is dark and quiet in your house.

I would put a mouse trap in one of your kitchen drawers (warn the family of its location) to see if you might catch/kill some. Another benefit of putting a trap inside a drawer is its kind of hard to avoid the trap in such a cramped space unlike under the sink which comparatively speaking is cavernous.

Not a big fan of glue traps - can you even bait them? I've found peanut butter is the only thing they'll touch - cheese, unlike the Tom and Jerry cartoons, doesn't work.

ckh said...

I haven't seen the droppings anywhere except under the sink. And we've had mouse troubles before - they're a lot easier to take care of. These rats though, are a lot more clever than mice. I usually bait my mouse traps with peanut butter too and argue with my girls about what they like to eat, as if that's not a futile conversation.