Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Post For Which I Can Not Come Up With A Suitable Title

I've been a little distracted lately. Right now I'm on day three of my migraine. Constant pain with intermittent bouts of relief keeps me from functioning at my peak. Most of my thoughts and actions are interrupted in misery and my good temper and tolerance are in short supply.

Before that I was catching up on my home life after being distracted with a work week of about 100-hours.  While that might not be much for most people, being a part-timer myself, all those hours took their toll. All productivity on the home front stalled. Laundry piled up, dishes piled up and I lost track of what everyone else in the family was doing. Catching up took longer than I thought it would, as it not only required all the duties of life to be attended to, but I also needed to rest.

Ironically, I spent the entire day last Sunday cleaning my house top to bottom, including mopping, dusting and cleaning all my bathrooms with the gusto of an anticipated inspection, and today, you wouldn't even know I did a damn thing. I can't get no satisfaction.

And today, at 11:00 am, writing this in my pajamas, coffee gone, breakfast eaten, quiet house, looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner with family. I'm still not on speaking terms with my husband and I'm just hoping that my expectations aren't too high for the magic that I always look forward to on one of my favorite holidays.

I'm grateful to know that all things pass. Sure, we can dwell upon that fact that all good things pass, but I'm just going focus on the fact that I am certain all the bad things pass. My migraine will go away, my husband and I will speak again, and the mess on my dining room floor will miraculously disappear (after I pick it up.) Happy Thanksgiving and may all your pain pass, too.


hokgardner said...

I hope the migraine is gone by now and that you and your husband are speaking again.

Pie usually fixes everything.

ckh said...

A pie in his face might make me feel better. We're still not talking but the migraine is gone. :) thanks, though.