Thursday, December 02, 2010

Highlights: Found and Laughing

I have three days off this week - in a row - and yesterday was a bust. Everything I did needs to be re-done. I went to have my $5-garage sale ski boots fixed only to find that they are way too old and I bought new ones. (Closeout priced, nearly as comfortable.) But now I need to have them fit to my bindings so I have to go back to the ski shop. 

I went to buy a new shoulder rest for my violin yesterday only to find as soon as I got home that a piece was missing. It had obviously been shop lifted because the cover screw had been replaced. It had not merely fallen out of the box. I haven't wanted to practice until I got this new rest because I tried a similar one at my lesson on Monday and it was significantly more comfortable. I miss practicing! I want to play! 

The two highlights of my day were finding my long lost diamond necklace given to me by my husband (thank you St. Anthony, Patron Saint of Lost Things) and watching Date Night. That movie had me laughing hysterically! The scene where the two cars are connected made my stomach hurt from laughing so hard! It made me think that I need to laugh like that more often. It's got to be healthier.

I have a million things that I need to do and I need to make a list so that I don't forget anything. Wish me luck. 

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