Saturday, January 22, 2011


I love the advertising on my site. I don't put it up as a money-maker, it's strictly for entertainment purposes. Since Google places them based on the context of my posts, they are topical and thought-provoking. After my last post, I saw one for The ad said they have Cat Grooming. Big deal, right? Then they said, Organic Shampoo.

That's right, what is not entertaining about picturing someone giving your cat a bath?

I don't actually know if they bathe cats, but that is how the ad turned out. And I'm not saying they wouldn't be a good company to use, I especially like the attention to going green. And I might just LOVE to have someone else bathe my dog and clip his toenails.

What I am saying is that as I slowly (too slowly) perk myself up with a cup-o-joe, about to head off to work on a Saturday no less, that a picture of a wet cat, nails out, held down by two people in body-length aprons comes to mind. And it's funny.

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