Friday, January 21, 2011


Have you ever been bugged by things that don't really matter? I live on a hill. It's quite a hill, at that. Every time I drive up and down this hill, depending on the time of day, I notice different things about it. On my way home from work, and it's always dark, I pass by a gutter at the hair-pin turn and think about the pair of raccoons I saw one night. I pass that point and see the two square planters that the newest residents on our street put at their walkway. Sure, it's a nice touch, but they bug me.

The two planters are not squared up. There is something askew about them and I'm rankled every time I see them. It makes me feel very Monk-ish. Totally OCD. I don't care. I want to go up to them in the middle of the night and make them straight. Or level. Or whatever it is that would fix the problem. Whatever the problem is. I think they are probably both squared up the the curb but since it's on a curve, on a hill, they're never going to align properly the way a flat, straight surface would work.

And then I kick myself for caring about something so completely insignificant. In fact, that's the reason I haven't snuck out to do it yet. Yet.

My five-inch pinking shears came today. Yep. They're small all right. I think the person listing them on eBay should have put a penny in the picture to give bidders a comparative size. But I knew what I was getting. I know what five inches are. They're cute, hard to open and they're mine. Mine all mine. I'm sure if I came home during the day to find they've been delivered I wouldn't have been bugged by the planters and therefore, the five-inch shears would be just darling. Or at least more darling than they are right now when I'm just hoping they're not useless.

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