Monday, January 03, 2011

Resolutions in the Can

I'm not saying that cleaning out my cupboards was a resolution. It might have been, but I'm not saying. So I just cleaned out two-and-a-half shelves and I can already tell that it should have been my resolution last year.

I thought that finding something that expired in 2007 was bad. Yikes! Three years beyond its prime is pretty old. Can you believe it was so old? Then I found something older. I found a little canister of Gatorade that expired in 2005. My husband tried to save it saying that something like that never expires. We looked inside and let me just say - that stuff actually does get old.

I let him decide if the cans of clam chowder can stay since they only expired in November of 2010. I don't eat the stuff anyway, so what do I care if it's old?

But that wasn't the worst of it. I found some sunflower butter that should have been refrigerated after opening but wasn't that expired in 2004. I know for a fact that I've cleaned my cupboards since 2004. How did that one survive? Unrefrigerated? How did I miss that?

Now I have to figure out what to do with the stuff. Do I just chuck it all because I'm a little tired of the whole project by now or do I open all the cans, dump the stuff in the garbage, rinse out the cans for recycling? I feel like doing the first but if I don't do that last, I'll feel very guilty. Besides, what will the rats eat tonight for dinner?

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Anonymous said...

That reminds me of the time I bought macaroni (Rigatoni) at the commissary and one of the boxes' cellophane windows,that are there so you can see what's inside the box, was torn. The cashier asked me if I wanted to get another one since the integrity of the box was compromised. I told her, "No, macaroni is already stale when they put it in the box, so what's the difference?" In hindsight I probably should have asked for a discount.