Friday, February 25, 2011

Carnival Time!

Do you have your cotton candy? Buckle up and keep your arms inside the car at all times. You know, I can hold that cotton candy for you. I promise I won't eat (all of) it.

Welcome back Mad Kane. We have a post about romance using one of my favorite words in the English Language, "stoic." We also have a brand new holiday coming up, so mark your calendars for March 2nd!

We have the Saddest Weekend Known to Man, in which I'm probably the only one who will wonder how a carmel popcorn puff ended up under the couch, as I personally would have chased any errant kernels, myself. I'm craving chicken wings now, however, but will resist the urge to head over to the concession stand.

While tardy for the holiday, 14 Ways to Enjoy Your Solo Valentine's Day is a great list for any occasion. If you need to enjoy some kids for Number 4, give me a call. I have a couple.

I cannot think of the Trojan Horse without thinking of the Trojan Bunny from Monty Python. And you know you're a mom when a post about school projects does not conjure up any recollections from any projects YOU have done, but instead remind you of the time you made a hat out of recycled objects for your child to take to school.

I just adore Hugh Jackman's Roddy in Flushed Away, not mentioned in this list of Most Surprising Voiceover Cartoon Performances. I can't think of any voiceovers that I've been surprised to hear, but then again, I watch a lot of animated movies. (My favorite: The Incredibles. Although, now that I mention it, Holly Hunter is a bit of a surprise.)

Our family had one of those strange conversations while up at Tahoe where one kid asked if there were any pilgrims left. My husband, thinking of the turkey-eating-corn-sharing pilgrims said no, but I thought about all the pilgrims who make their religious treks to Lourdes and Graceland. And now to see the potato at Craftwhack. Holy Jebus!

Blood really does make the memory over at Chin Musik. I'll bet you didn't know this carnival had a Memory Lane ride. Now you do. Bent fish. Read Randy's bio and that craving for chicken wings gets stronger than ever!

I'd like to thank all of the ride operators for this carnival. I'm going to take my now-hungry chicken-wing-craving self down to sleep now with my lapful of cat and wannabe lap-dog Lab to catch some more z's until the sun rises.


Marie: said...

Thanks for the links, this will give me some reading for tonight!

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Great job. Thanks so much for including me!