Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I feel like I'm going to hyperventilate. My dog is digging in my planter to bury a stolen bone and it's only a minor distraction in the chaos I'm feeling. Jokes on him, though, because that's where the cat has been doing her business.

The whole thing reminds me of when I went to see a performance with one of my kids on a field trip. One of their classes went to the Civic Center to watch a couple of men juggle. They juggled all kinds of things, including the most memorable to me - ping pong balls - with their mouths. It really made me uncomfortable because it seemed so incredibly unsafe. But imagine the reality of being able to juggle multiple ping pong balls with your mouth. Amazing.

I have quite a few balls in the air right now and I keep panicking about missing balls. Where did it go? Oh there it is, get it in the air! And my girls keep throwing new ones out there: How come you haven't ordered a hot lunch for me yet, Mom? Can I have a play date with G? Can you do this for me right now? Can you do that for me right this very second? Can you...?

Today is a challenging day because I've got my schedule so tightly crammed that I guarantee it's impossible for me to make it on time to a couple of things. If I don't miss them entirely, that is. One appointment I have is my violin lesson. I have missed for a few weeks because of scheduling conflicts and haven't practiced because my violin is a bit out of tune. I can't stand when it sounds bad. My teacher will whip me back into shape as she usually does, but we always go over-time and I can't today because I'm going to miss my next appointment: driving a bunch of kids from school to the Playhouse for dress rehearsals for this weekend's play.

It's all good, right? After this weekend passes, the dust will settle and all will be fine. Probably. I just need a bit of focus and concentration and perhaps a little more loft to keep the balls from hitting the ground.


Marie: said...

I am so there with you. It is a difficult juggling act, isn't it? AND, I feel like I perform it while balancing on one leg, on a ball, with one hand tied behind my back, blind-folded, holding the phone against my shoulder and carrying on two simultaneous conversations (one on the phone and one with the toddler). All of this while dinner boils over! No wonder moms get gray hairs!

ckh said...

I've got grays!