Thursday, August 18, 2011

Magic 8 Ball

It seems that my life keeps coming to crossroads over and over again. I used to be able to intuitively feel my way into the right decision when I was younger. Perhaps I had less to lose back then. Perhaps my intuition is all fogged up with cobwebs these days. I might as well ask the Magic 8 Ball.

Ask again later.

The problem arises when the heart and the head conflict. The head knows the logical way. It makes sense to do certain things and the outcome appears practical. The heart, however, has a finger on the pulse of happiness. The heart weighs the intangibles and unquantifiable components in a decision. And, of course, no decision is made in a vacuum.

Better not tell you now.

I used to be able to flip a coin to make decisions, too. Strangely, it would clarify how I felt. If the coin landed on the wrong side, I would just know that I didn't want to go in that direction. Question answered. Problem solved.

Now, I find myself doing nothing and simply waiting for the right course to reveal itself. Inaction is my modus operandi. It's pathetic, really.

It is certain.

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