Thursday, August 18, 2011

In The Face!

A woman that I work with has the most wonderful dog. I don't know if I think he's the most wonderful dog because I don't have to take care of him, or if he is, in fact, just wonderful. His owner brings him into work sometimes and we all love him. His name is Whiskey.

On Tuesday, a couple of women that I work with, including the Whiskey's owner, were in her office and the other woman noticed that Whiskey's bowl of water had a spider in it. It was about the size of a quarter and it looked like it was doing the backstroke.

We all sort of looked at it and I picked the bowl up and carried it outside to pour out. I'm sure the spider was fine, too. They both looked at me like I was very brave - right before I got shivers up my arms and legs and did the little shiver dance. I'm not brave.

My house is full of spiders and so is my yard. I wrote a while back about how there was a large orb spider cleaning up on all the moths. This one was pretty big. They usually start out small and annoy the crap out of me before getting that large.

Well, it must have been all the rain we had last winter, because there are so many orb spiders driving me crazy that I'm about to be committed. Look at the path from my front door to the street:

My daughter asked if I could clear a spider that had set up on the trampoline (out of view to the right). I took the rake with me and held it in front of me so I wouldn't walk into an orb spider. I caught the rake on a web and had the spider dangling RIGHT IN MY FACE! I - of course - dropped the rake and screamed. I nearly broke my neck because I was a couple of steps up and wearing flip flops when I ran to the house. Stumbled, more like it.

The sad thing is that it was the second time today that it happened. There. Spider In Face. What do these little terrors need to do to learn not to do that? How many webs do they need to rebuild to get out of my way?


hokgardner said...

One of my favorite running trails in the town where I went to college was notorious for spider webs hung across it. I'd try to time my runs to make sure I wasn't the first runner down the path to catch them all in my face.

And given how everything here is dry and brown and dead, I'm jealous of your greenery.

ckh said...

Unfortunately, they build their webs so fast that you can walk up the steps a few hours apart and experience it over and over.