Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Little Blurb About A Snake

I was going to write about how our family went to a Christmas tree lot and cut down our own tree on Sunday, only to have the wonderful event over-shadowed by my daughter getting stung by a bee (on the leg, through her pants) who was promptly out-done by her sister who got stung by a bee under her hair on her neck. These were crazy bees, too. I think they were yellow jackets. Ironically, these bees are also called "meat bees" and my kids are vegetarians. Go figure.

My oldest daughter, with the the sting on her leg, was so affected by the sting that she could talk of nothing else for the next 24-hours. I think she may be gearing up for the school play coming up. (High drama!) My youngest, who is usually the one who makes mountains out of mo-hills, took it well in stride.

After deciding not to write about that, I was going to write about how my dog has licked a hole in his tale. Not literally, but he does have a bald spot. I've gone to my Dr. Google, who told me what to expect, among other things. The first order of business was to give him a long, long walk. The second, a bath. Believe it or not, my water-loving Lab refused to get in the tub today. I was shocked.

I dragged him in there finally and got a look at his tail. Above the bald spot, there was a patch that looked crunchy. It looked like it was scabbed or had dried blood on it. It  didn't look nearly as bad as I was expecting and I'm going to give him lots of attention and keep him away from his "spot." I started this bit of extra attention by vigorously drying him off and then blow-drying him. My arms were spaghetti when I was done, but I managed to accomplish something I have never done before: I got him to leave me alone! I was free from his incessant barking and pestering for more play. I don't even know what to do with myself now!

No, I'm not going to write about that, either. I'm going to write about how I saw an itty bitty snake today while walking my dog. It was so small that if it was a ribbon, you would be hard pressed to tie a bow. It was already dead, which I discovered when I got a closer look and picked it up. That's it. Nothing exciting in today's post. Just a little blurb about a snake.

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coffeeaddict said...

Well this is definitely a menagerie: crazy bees, a dog and a dead snake... One thing is certain, you are definitely not bored :-)