Tuesday, December 06, 2011

My Massive Headache

Since I started getting these massive three-day headaches a few years back, I've been reluctant to call them migraines. It always seemed to me that migraines were just awful and debilitating to the friends who experienced them. Surely, if I could manage my day-to-day this couldn't be an actual migraine, right? They kept that name, however, for lack of a better more appropriate one.

Well, yesterday, my Day Two headache was massive. I couldn't even talk because it required too much brain work. I holed up in my bedroom and slept as much as I could considering I have two kids. I looked forward to my Day Three because I can usually medicate this one away to a certain extent and get back to living. Only it hurts still.

A lot.

I'm back in bed and waiting for the time to come when the pain will be gone. I'm thinking about all the things that need to get done and how I can't do them. And how this hurts so much I feel nauseated. I'm waiting...


coffeeaddict said...

Sounds terrible! I hope you feel better soon :-)

hokgardner said...

So sorry. Some of my migraines can last that long, and I know how hard it is. Hang in there, and medicate if you can.

ckh said...

And today I'm a new woman! There is nothing to make you appreciate feeling good than a long period where you don't.

Thanks y'all. I think your positive thoughts helped me out!