Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ticked Off

I need to check my back for some kind of "Kick Me" sign taped to it, as surely there must be one. And I'm pretty sure that if I had my portrait taken, there would be a black cloud over the top of it, too.

Yesterday, after walking my dog while wearing long pants and only stepping into the brush to pick up after him, I found a tick embedded into my knee. I felt something and went to scratch it only to discover that something was stuck and that something was sucking my blood already. It hurt, too! It was nearly the size of a dime. As you can imagine, I've spent today's walk checking every ten-minutes for something crawling on me or my dog. I pulled four off of him. Thankfully he has white fur and the critters cannot hide as well.

Later yesterday, I was pouring some boiling water into a mug to make tea and I missed and poured it on my hand instead. That hurt, too. Still does. I can't believe I did that and shiver with relief every time I think that my skin could have melted off.

Then there is today's misfortune.

I skipped my morning coffee because I'm out of filters. Now that I think of it, though, I have a ton of filters that are another kind. Anyway, I skipped the coffee, took the kids to school, walked the dog then stopped off in the next town over to buy a cup of coffee. I had to wait for a woman with an orange stroller as she crossed three streets in front of me. I couldn't turn because I had to wait for her, then I couldn't turn again because I had to wait for her, then I found a juicy spot right in front of the coffee shop, only to wonder if it was actually a spot. I decided against staying and went to leave, only to have to wait for the lady with the stroller, again.

I parked much farther away, walked to the coffee shop, waited a LONG time for the guy in front of me to finish whatever he was doing then ordered. I finally got my coffee, walked all the way back to my car and drove home. Once I was home, I took my coffee with me to let my neighbor's chickens out. Meanwhile, I probably got in about three sips, waiting to sit down and drink it while reading the newspaper or something.

After all of this, I checked to make sure the dog couldn't get anything and went to the bathroom. When I got out, two seconds later, I couldn't find my coffee. Sure enough, the dog got it. He's attracted to the whip cream like I am, I'm sure. I was pissed! Am still pissed! Am still wanting desperately a cup-a-joe.

Dare I ask what else is possible?


hokgardner said...

Don't ask. I'm in the midst of finding out just what else can go wrong.

coffeeaddict said...

I don't know what's worse: when things like these happen and make me supremely mad or when someone serene comes alongs and strats lecturing about the divine purpose of everything. At that point I sure wish I had a big mug of coffee in my hand to spill it over them.
I hope tomorrow is a day when everything goes according to plan :-D

Chloe said...

Mom no using that language

ckh said...

Dear Chloe,
I'm happy to see that you read my blog. Do you read it often? And for your information, "ticked off" is a play on words because, while it can mean swearing, it also literally refers to getting the tick off my leg. The embedded tick off my leg. Yuck!

I understand that you do not wish for me to swear, but I was taking creative license here as a way of generating interest. It must have worked, because it caught your attention.

Anonymous said...


Rather than trying to justify your "swearing"...you missed an excellent opportunity for a teaching moment. To wit: Her lousy punctuation:

Mom (comma) no using that language (period)

I'm from the school of thought if you're going to dress down your Mom in front of the entire world on the internet than you at least should exhibit proper punctuation.

FWIW: I'd have added an "or else" at the end of the sentence to give it added emphasis.

Mr. Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Between Puckers and Ticked Off...I'm with this one on Chloe.

You just got owned....