Thursday, June 07, 2012

All Day Pain

So, I went to the dentist today. That was fun.

My appointment was at 9:10am and I didn't stop being numb until 3:30pm. Here it is almost 7pm and I'm still in pain. Funny thing, my dentist just called to ask me how I was doing, too, as I was writing this!

My new dentist did a pretty good job getting me numb, but when he started drilling, I felt a hot pain in that area. He gave me more pain relief and I decided that I was going to bear it even if it hurt. Fortunately, the subsequent dosage did the trick. 

The worst part was that I was a little congested and phlem-y. I felt like I was going to choke on my own spit and I couldn't breathe through my nose. And my jaw got sore from being propped open with a rubber stopper like my mouth was a door on a windy day and needed some reinforcement. 

After the drilling and before the filling, the dentist let me rest for a bit. I cried a little. I didn't want them to see it, but I couldn't help myself. It was painful and stressful and I was absolutely miserable. 

During the procedure, I was listening to my ipod to distract me. It worked pretty well, but in hind-sight, I should have made a playlist. Being tense with Lady Gaga tapping an up-beat tune in your ears (or in my case, ear - singular) doesn't do much to calm the nerves. I was able to drown out a lot of the scary noise, though and I will definitely do this again.

I'm supposed to go in next week for the other side and I think I'm going to cancel my appointment. I think I just need more time to forget how awful this was before subjecting myself to additional torture. And if this worked the way it was supposed to, I'll be able to chew on that side and avoid it for a long time anyway. 


Anonymous said...

No, No, No...I've had to endure sitting through 2 dental entries, go to your appointment, get it over with, report back here with your third and hopefully final dental entry. (Consider that a lawful order.)

For the love of this blog finish off these dental entries, I can't take it anymore, and get back to important things like spiders and your goofy dog.

That is all.

Mr. Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you still blog - I thought most people now use their facebook page as their defacto blog.

Me and your 3 other readers are glad you do.* Well, 4 if you count the language police.

Though I did notice below your last dental entry, there was an add for a Dentist. I don't know if that was a coincidence or if your ad service is intuitive from what you write.

I don't even know if you get paid for those ads on your blog or not, but if you do, that might explain why you still blog? Or am I just being too cynical?

Mr. A

*I'm going by those who comment to your blog - you might have more realistic numbers of those who actually visit your site?

ckh said...

One vote for another trip to the dentist. I'll keep that in mind. I am happy to report that I had no chewing pain on either side of my mouth this morning. My jaw is still sore, but I ate just fine. This is great news for my mouth, bad news for my hips.

Anonymous said...

You've seen how some catchers now use pads that fit underneath their thighs and above their calves to support their body weight to ultimately prevent damage to their knees.

Well, why can't, dentists use such a tool (same principle a small wedge) to prop a patients' mouth open so the patient doesn't have to strain to keep their mouth open? The patient can just sit back and relax letting the wedge do all the work.

I wonder if such a tool exists?

Mr. Patent Pending

ckh said...

My dentist DID use a rubber wedge in my mouth. I compared it to a door stop to keep my jaw from shutting.

My jaw is still sore and I do have pain chewing again/still. Perhaps a liquid diet would solve everything...

Anonymous said...

So much for me striking it rich....

Since I'd never heard of that before I thought you were referring to:

- that rubber they spread between two pieces of metal to prop open your mouth. They then poke a hole in the thin rubber so it just goes over the tooth they're working on.

- This way the dentist can be as careless as he chooses because if he drops anything it gets caught by the rubber that's over your mouth.

Never heard of a wedge being used before. Hope he cleans them between patients.