Friday, August 06, 2010

Teetering and Tottering

I'm a winner! I just won a give-away on The Sewing Dork! I'm very excited. My day has kind of teetered and tottered and winning this give-away brought everything that was out of kilter back in-line.

My cat is sitting on my chest and I'm having a hard time balancing my laptop and she's about to throw my universe out of whack again with her fish breath. But I will drive on with my story...

I won't bore you with the minutiae of said teetering and said tottering, but will jump to the final teeter. My whole clan stopped at the local Best Buy today to pick up an accessory to a birthday gift for my youngest daughter's birthday. We cannot get through the door without stopping at the rows of candy/toy machines that cost either a quarter or two quarters. You know the ones where the prizes come in little plastic bubbles that take a power tool to open. They must have scoped out their choices for a good five minutes when they finally settled on some cute little dogs. My oldest puts her two quarters in and out pops a bubble with a dog inside. My youngest puts her two quarters in and nothing comes out. I don't have anymore quarters so I can't even offer up a consolation prize.

On a matter of principal - and the fact that one kid with a toy and one without has incredible potential for trouble - I went to the Customer Service Desk. I waited. And waited. And waited. I waited so long that my husband was able to secretly get through the line at the register before me.

But at the Stupid Customer Service Desk, they told me it wasn't their problem and tough luck lady we hate kids anyway. Not really, but they might as well have. They did say it wasn't their problem and don't I understand that they can't take $.50 out of their coffers for something like this?

I was furious! I can't tell you how furious I was! Sure it was only half a dollar, but those machines are INSIDE their store. They are ENDORSING those machines while on their property. They are MAKING MONEY off those machines - even if the customer service agent doesn't know it. There is no way that Best Buy would let someone else make money out of the goodness of their hearts. Clearly they don't have any goodness in their hearts.

And wouldn't you just know it - my oldest daughter gave my youngest her little dog! That's the sort of thing that makes me so glad to be a mother. And a human being. My daughter who has not a cent to her name has the heart to give it up for the littler girl when the Big Bad Best Buy couldn't cough it up.

As if that's not enough for the teeter, I went to feed the dog when I got home and there was a spider in the cabinet with the dog food. I brushed the web while reaching in. Eeewwwww! I hate the webs almost more than the spiders themselves.

So winning the Dude Dress was just the totter that I needed. :)

(I wonder if a Best Buy ad will show up on my blog.) (I wonder if they'll slam me with some sort of libel suit for spewing my anger at them here.) (I wonder if I'll show any restraint when I write them a letter to get back my money!) (I know, I know, let it go. Think about being a winner, right?) (Phew! That was a close one. I almost tottered my way back.)


Anonymous said...

Your daughter giving her little sister her prize was something right out of central casting for those Church of Latter Day Saints commmercals.

Anonymous said...

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ckh said...

What the heck does that second comment mean?

Anonymous said...

Reference the 2nd comment: Drinking and typing don't mix.

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