Sunday, December 19, 2010

An Early Christmas Present

A little too much Christmas Cheer last night for me. I think I have some stuck in the side of my head. What else could be throbbing right now? I went to a neighbor's house and I think my logic was that since I didn't have to get the picture. It wasn't like I was throwing down tequila, I was drinking a nice, sensible, grown-up red wine. I think I just had a glass too many.

As is the case with that sort of scenario, I woke up in the middle of the night. As I should in that sort of case, I drank a ton of water. So I went into my bathroom, the door to which is right next to my bed and right on the floor is a brown blob. Hairball? That's odd.

After getting my glasses, which I find very helpful to see, I discover that I have a bloody, dead mouse on the floor. It looked awful, the poor little thing. It actually looked as if the cat ate it and threw it up again. Then I remembered that it was so rainy and that is why it was all wet-fur icky. The cat joined me in the bathroom and started to play with the critter. I took a dog-poop bag that just happened to be on the floor next to me and saved the little guy further humiliation.

You've got to love a cat who likes to play. Now back to our regularly scheduled throbbing...

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