Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Morning, Sunshine!

It's not sunny here, except in my disposition. I'm really not sure what started off my fantastic mood today. Fantastic being the new word to fly out of my mouth every 10-seconds. I think I said it 10-times to my last customers of the day yesterday when describing my little hamlet and our schools.

My kids were fighting and yelling getting in the car - as usual - and I wasn't even mad! I drank from my open cup of coffee and didn't spill a thing - save one drop on my shirt, but not a drop in the car as is my MO.

At school, the kids got out of the car at the curb and I asked the oldest to help the youngest get her late slip and she agreed sweetly. That's probably what amplified my mood. Then I was pulling past the bike racks to see a boy drop his bike on its side and throw his helmet next to it and walk off. I thought that was hilarious! Just like you'd see at home. There were plenty of open bike slots at the numerous racks, but he just pulled up and dropped it off.

Pulling onto the street every car that passed had someone sucking down their coffee like beer at a frat party. I chuckled as I sucked my own down, my own sweet creamy cup of deliciousness. Next I passed a couple of moms laughing. Hard. Seeing someone else laugh with gusto really gets you. It's like a tickle - hard to resist.

And the whole time, listening to my homemade Christmas CD. This year's favorite tunes are Christmas Wrapping by the Waitresses and 2000 Miles by The Pretenders.

May your overcast day be sunny, too.

I'm going to plug the Give-Away Day at SewMamaSew. I'm not giving anything away except holiday cheer, unless you see something on the floor in my kids' rooms floor you want. Or my dog, though I have a new-found appreciation for him. But do check it out.

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