Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Running Slowly

Do you ever have those dreams where someone is chasing you but you're running through tar or other sticky substance so you aren't able to go very fast and you realize that thing you're running late for started hours ago and nothing is turning out the way it was supposed to? neither.

But this Christmas season has been like that for me. I started out with plenty of time. In fact, I've had the day printed on my calendar for a year! So it's no surprise this time that it's here. But everything I've done has taken way longer than expected and so many things have gone wrong.

First of all, I've seen a few things in a few places - magazines and newspapers - that look perfect for someone or other and I can't find them to buy them. Or they're sold out. Then I have a very specific list from each kid of mine, and the stores just don't have their items. Or their size. Or the one thing that I didn't buy yesterday is not in existence today. It's all been like that.

In fact, I'm supposed to be cooking right now and my food isn't here. And those pesky little cleaning fairies didn't show up to finish the job I started, so now I have a whole house to clean. It's never going to get done. I am drinking a white mocha with peppermint from Starbucks right now and I'll have to go out on a limb here to call it heaven. Yum. But it's not giving me a kick.

And now my dog has something to say, very loudly, in barks I can't understand. I've got to run!

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