Monday, December 27, 2010


I just felt the need to write about friends. I like Facebook because it has allowed me the opportunity to connect with people from the past and present in a way that feels like a living community. People that I haven't seen in years and people that I see every day are mixed together in a conversation.

Isn't it funny, though, when you go in to Facebook and find your number of friends has changed? If there are a few less than before, I only know because the number goes down. But Geez-o-Pete! Who the heck isn't my friend anymore? I can't figure it out! On one hand, they really weren't "friends" if I don't notice they're suddenly not. So who cares? Certainly not me.

On the other hand, how could I not be curious? I go in to my list and check on people like I'm tucking in children. Yep, Junior's there. Oh yes, Little Sally is snuggled up! Who are these people who ended up in my fold without belonging that I don't even know they're gone?

There was a woman "un-friended" me who I see all the time in "real life." She's even friendly to my face. And she's very nice - not the type of person who wouldn't be nice to my face. Every time I see her now I wonder if she dislikes me or if it was an unintentional "un-friending" on her part. It doesn't matter. I'm okay with it. And yet I think of it every time I see her.

It's all good. My number goes up unexpectedly, too, but there is a much bigger fanfare to that side of things and its probably better to celebrate the joining of people more than to mourn the separating of them. I just hope that I have learned in all my years to show the people that mean the most to me that they do. To say how much I like them, respect them, care for them and love them when the moment presents itself - no matter how foolish I appear at times - than to let the moment pass and never speak my heart.


PEACHES said...

You sing it, Lady! I know exactly what you mean...isn't it funny how we can be "friends" with people haven't seen in ages and were never really "friendly" with, even back in the day....and yet there are people who we see all the time who would rather not be our friend in certain forums, like facebook, etc? Make me wonder; do my friends value my friendship the same way I value theirs? (happy to report, the answer is usually yes)

I was friend-ed and later un-friend-ed by a woman I used to work with who I see on the street every few weeks...I always want to look her in the eye and say "Dude? Rude much?" ....oh well, I guess these are the sacrifices we make for being "friendly"

Merry Merry :)

ckh said...

I guess I'd rather this to the alternative. I'd even prefer fake-friendly to un-friendly.

Anonymous said...

I used to periodically delete my account and then pop back in to check on my minions and then re-delete (Facebook is too addictive). Now I don't even bother with Facebook - too busy remodeling my house.

I have no idea if I stay on people's friend lists while I'm in delete mode. I do know that when I reactivate all my "friends" are still there. Full Disclosure: If I sent someone a personal message in Facebook and after 3 weeks I get no response they, as the Koreans used to say, are pinishee (finished) in my book and off to the trash can they go. Also one annoying "friend" had the tendency to blab and blab and blab so I just deleted him to not have to constantly read his inane comments.

And by the way Mr. Anonymous, Anonymous Says, and Joe W. in your blog comments are all the same person. My New Year's resolution is to de-Sybilize myself.

Joe W.