Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Cup O' Tea

My dog got me up this morning. It was time, so I can't really blame him. The nice part is that he came up to the side of my bed and I reached out my hand to pet him. I petted him for a good 20-minutes before he got tired of that and made his way upstairs where he can't be left unattended, requiring me to actually exit my comfy cozy sleep spot.

Once up, and upstairs, I got a work-related call and spent the next half-hour trying to manage a work project without a single drop of caffeine. It's kind of embarrassing to talk to someone without being able to think. I really needed to get a phone number from my office, which was locked, six-miles away without having a single person who had a key to help me. I couldn't do it myself - my kids were still asleep. My side of the company doesn't start work until too late for me to make it all happen. Too cryptic? It doesn't really matter, I'm just blathering on anyway.

I got my computer out, though, and spent an inestimable amount of time reading blogs - and drinking tea. Where does the time go? Why is it that I read more about sewing than I actually sew? I found a new place to hang out, too. I'm not entirely sure how I got there, but I've added her to my list. At first take, the Slapdash Sewist had a fabric color front-and-center that was definitely not my cup o' tea and I almost dismissed the site on that alone. I'm glad I kept looking though, because her sweater makeovers alone are worth the visit.

I'm really blown away by the creative minds out there. And so impressed by the way the Internet connects us in such a global way. Some of my favorite blogs are written from so many diverse places - Austin, Chicago, New York City, Minneapolis and who-knows-where-else. Too cool.

But it's time to come back to my own place, get off that Internet-Superhighway and make ice cream sundaes out of Benderoos with my daughter in San Anselmo. And finish my tea.

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