Monday, May 21, 2012

The Worst Headache of My Life

I'm working on Day 3 of a migraine today and it totally sucks. It hurts so much that I'm nauseous much of the time. And today, I did something completely irresponsible: I didn't go into my daughter's classroom to volunteer. I just didn't show up. I feel a little bad, but not as bad as my head hurts.

Funny thing, though...

I went to the drug store to buy some Migraine Relief today. In the past, I've had nominal success with Excedrin's version of this medication, but they didn't have that brand so I bought CVS's brand. I was looking at the ingredients and reading the labels and I came across the following in the Drug Facts:

"Ask a doctor have the worst headache of your life."

I think this just may be the worst headache of my life. I've talked to my doctor about migraines in the past and I even had her write me a prescription - that I never did get filled (they didn't have it in stock then when I had my next headache they had cancelled the prescription. Now I don't have it on file and don't have any in my hot little hands and this headache is off the charts. Woe is me.)

I've spent most of today as immobile as I could be and I wish I had some sort of chamber where I could float in zero gravity as to take all the pressure off my head. Putting it on a pillow hurts and therefore I can only lie down just so much. My best friend thinks that maybe I'm also sick. Maybe I got something that was going around. Maybe this awful feeling has something to do with the tick that I dis-embedded from my leg a week or so ago. In which case, do I have Lyme Disease? 

Maybe that tick was radioactive and after I come out of this adverse reaction, I'm going to have special powers that makes me part human and part tick. What are they good at, anyway? Maybe I'll be able to bury my head into a giant cake without needing to come up for air while I eat it. Maybe I'll be able to ride on dogs. 

I'd give up the ability to ride on dogs and bury my head in giant cakes just to feel good again, though. I'd rather write about spiders and the wolf that my daughter claims to have seen than complain about how awful I feel. And more than complaining about how I feel, I'd like to not actually feel badly either. 


Anonymous said...

You need to get a good nickname like the Khaleesi (i.e. Daenerys Targaryen): MOTHER OF DRAGONS.

Though MOTHER OF TICKS doesn't have the same gravitas.


ckh said...

Tick Woman is pretty simple.

Unknown said...

Having had headache for circa 4 years... I am dripping with Migraine pain drugs. Next time they give you a prescription see if it fits some of my leftovers. As none of them works for me! :)

Anonymous said...


"I guess I can stop carrying around that milk carton now."

Mr. Anonymous